JT Archie

Denver, CO
[email protected]


What I am looking for

Professional Experience

Shopify - Senior Staff Developer - 3/2021-Current

Technical leader on the core backend handling the GraphQL API at scale. Working with several large teams to help build practices for delivery of schedule features.

VMware - Senior Member of Technical Staff - 1/2020-1/2021

Pivotal was purchased by VMWare; same role, new title.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry- Staff Software Engineer - 12/2014-1/2020

I have worked on Cloud Foundry, a SaaS for hosting applications. It flexes polyglot muscles, to be effective in contributing to many projects.

I have used concourse.ci to build pipelines for automation tooling in projects. I built the pull request resource for concourse to support better testing workflows for our open source projects.

I have had the opportunity to apply Pivotal's best practices (pairing and TDD) in helping teams grow and deliver quality software. Over four projects, I have helped mentor engineers to be effective and happier team members.

Pivotal Labs - Software Engineer - 05/2010-02/2014

I joined Pivotal Labs because of the promise of delivering software at a sustainable pace. I was floored when our team delivered production software on a Friday afternoon with no downtime.

I worked on 9+ projects ranging from rescue missions, small start up ventures, and large enterprise clients. I have been a strong advocate in maintaining Pivotal Labs' strong culture of pair programming, test-driven development, and agile development practices to all projects.

Context Optional - Software Engineer - 08/2008-01/2010

Utilized Ruby on Rails to build social media applications for the social networking sites using the Facebook and OpenSocial platforms. Worked on large scale applications with millions of users while effectively adding new features to those products.

Chumby Industries - Software Engineer - 02/2007-08/2008

Part of a team of developers and often independently built a network of websites to support community, content, hardware, e-commerce, and marketing solutions. Using Ruby on Rails and MySQL to provide structured development to apply agile release methodology easily.

Soapbox Mobile - Software Engineer - 2006-2007

Built mobile applications for SMS marketing campaigns that involved the use of WAP, SMS protocol, and PHP. Collaborated with a small team of engineers to provide development and testing for rapid deployment.

Education from University of Miami