# Welcome

# About

Hi 👋! I’m JT.

I’m a friend, programmer, mentor, and over-lander. I’ve been an ultra runner 🏃, salsa dancer 💃, and beer reviewer 🍺.

As a programmer, I’ve learned to tinker, reverse engineer, team building, and product design. I want to capture what I’ve learned, so it can be shared.

# Blog

Sometimes I write things. These are the latest posts from blog.

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# Work

I love working with people to build better teams and products. One day I’d love to have a bespoke software shop.

Learn about the following:

  • How I Work - This documents (continues to be updated) about how I been effective at working. The is a great exercise to reflect on your career and work.
  • Job Requirement - If I was looking for the perfect job description, what would it contain for me?
  • Interview Questions - While interviewing, I’ve found common questions come up. This catalogs my answers for reference for me and the interviewer.

# Projects

  • followthesnow.today list all the ski resorts in the United States with their expected snowfall. As a Colorado resident, I wanted a quick way to review where I should go skiing for the day/week.
  • some-router is built to handle javascript routing based on a path for applications. It is agnostic to framework and runtime to be used in the frontend or backend. It was developed trying to find a Sinatra-like router for a Cloudflare Worker application.
  • Hack Snacks is an experiment in making short form content for Youtube. It consist of tips and tricks for programming languages and frameworks.

# Contact

I always appreciate face-to-face speaking, but video chat is a comfortable compromise. If you’re interested in working with me, let’s email, talk, or LinkedIn. We can discuss everything from a full-time job, consulting, or just catch up.

If you ask for support from work under a previous employer, an invoice of $250USD per hour, billed to the hour above, will be required.

# Resume